Today we will be diving into cross-talk between the Big 3 canonical pathways in cancer research: AKT-mTOR, Ras-MAPK, and JAK-STAT.

Up to 70% of all human tumors have upregulated mTORC1 function and several oncogenes and/or tumor suppressors have been linked to mTOR signaling. Consequently, most cancer therapeutic strategies target mTOR signaling by way of AKT and PI3K.

As the mTOR pathway regulates several physiological and biological processes in the body, its regulation triggers positive/negative feedback or compensatory pathways. One of such pathways is the Ras-MAPK pathway! This is a key pathway in many cancer malignancies. Inhibition of the AKT-mTOR pathway of activated the Ras-MAPK pathway. Additionally, elements along the mTOR pathways also trigger the JAK-STAT immune system. In fact, several studies show that an ideal immune response requires cross-regulation and balance between mTOR and STAT proteins.  You will often find all three pathways featured in many of our panels across immuno-oncology and kinase signaling. This cross-talk between the AKT-mTOR, Ras-MAPK, and JAK-STAT pathways has resulted in several combination-therapeutic developments.

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The Theralink Next Generation Proteomics (NGP)TM platform is uniquely able to quantify total protein and phosphoprotein activity of key elements of these canonical pathways. We have carefully curated pathways showing the relevance in nearly every cancer signaling pathway of interest and have studies where we have shown our ability to measure compensatory activation. Contact us for more information on partnering with us.

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