At Theralink Technologies, our approach is based on more than 16 years of research and development. Our research indicates that genomic and transcriptomic information alone provides an incomplete information resource for physicians to make patient-specific treatment decisions.

Our phosphoproteomic RPPA approach is the only platform that quantifies the activation state (phosphorylation) of drug target proteins and their downstream signaling partners within the tumor tissue.

Our advanced technology exploits our understanding of the drug-receptor and drug-protein interactions that drive treatment responses. The Theralink assay has been developed to provide physicians with a treatment decision support tool to assist in selecting therapies that are more likely to result in responses to treatment.

Our large panel of new protein biomarkers targets therapeutic molecular inhibitors including current FDA approved therapies and certain investigational drugs, making Theralink® an invaluable tool for oncologists and biopharma clinical trials.